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    • Experienced Chiropractor

      Established Chiropractor to help you and your family breeze through life with robust, good health. A blend of Chiropractic with specialist muscle testing expertise to help your body function better. More than simply a Chiropractor relieving back ache, this is about getting you great, whoever you are:

    • Mendip Chiropractic - Chiropractor in Somerset check and treat spine back hip neck muscle nerve naturally. Convenient location to serve Somerset towns Frome, Midsoemr Norton, Paulton, Wells, Glastonbury etc.

      A hands-on, drug free approach to your health and well-being. Chiropractors aim to restore natural, self preserving functions like coordinated, pain free movement, strength and self healing. This is based on expert assessment and correction of your spine, joints and muscles. 

    • Afferent Input Muscle testing. A Specialist service at Mendip Chiropractic Somerset. Helps Chiropractor assess muscle and nerve function for better neuor muscluo-skeletal health n-msk

      A method of testing muscles to uncover and correct issues relating to performance, injury and poor health. This approach is separate and distinct from Chiropractic but the two approaches blend well. Few practitioners have mastery of these body assessment and correction techniques.  


    • Successful help with disc injury, sciatica, spinal stenosis, degenerative arthritiis, hip problems etc. need specialist techniques and management. Provided at Mendip Chiropractic, Shepton Mallet, Somerset between Wells and Frome

      Many people seek our help managing spine related pain. We pride ourselves in offering natural help where possible. Injured or “slipped” discs can cause debilitating back & leg pain (sciatica). In severe cases surgery is an option but this can be risky. There are other things to consider.

    • Optimise sport performance, be better, avoid / reduce injury with Afferent Input muscle testing Chiropractor. Neuro Musculo-Skeletal function (msk). Solve chronic / repeat problems. Mendip Chiropractic, Shepton - for Wells, Glastonbury, Frome Somerset

      Usain Bolt incorporates Chiropractic into his preparation for success. It is essential to have full control of complex, coordinated muscle functions to avoid injury & achieve potential. We assess muscle function daily, we understand and love it. We can relate this approach and Chiropractic to you.   

    • Long term health problems, chronic pain sometimes benefit from a fresh approach. Chiropractic care & muscle testing is our alternative that has helped some people find relief and return to normal. Call Mendip Chiropractic a Clinic in Shepton, Somerset near Wells / Glastonbury / Frome

      Are you blighted with a history of problems that never seem to be resolved? Have you been told “nothing can be done /try these tablets”? Many times people find us late having exhausted other avenues and then make great gains with our approach. Click through for more information.


    • We take care of pregnant Mums and babies seriously at our clinic. Gentle treatment approach aims to beat aches, help relieve pelvic girdle pain, trapped nerves etc. Mendip Chiropractic have a Chiropractor experienced in care for babies and pregnancy. Try us if you or your baby is irritable, seems hard to settle, has feeding problems or had a difficult birth or birth. We are in Somerset near Frome, Norton and Wells.

      Expectant Mum’s seek our help to get comfortable as they prepare for the big day and beyond, We are experienced in providing gentle Chiropractic with techniques adapted to suit Mother or child. Being pregnant or being young does not exclude you from seeking expert opinion or help.  

    • Nerve muscle joint pain and health problems, back, neck problems all suggest something is not going well. Chiropractic is a natural appproach to imporving overal health / function so that coupled with a good diet and exercise, in an absence of toxins, people should be better able to heal and thrive naturlally. Mendip Chiropractic Somerset - Shepton - between Wells, Frome, Midsomer Norton

      There are different reasons behind a headache and in some cases Chiropractic can help. A headache is a symptom. What is the cause? This issue illustrates the logic behind Chiropractic as an alternative, natural approach to health as well as the benefits that can follow better function.

    • Take better care of yourself. Mendip Chiropractic / our Chiropractor offers advice, talks and workshops on various subjects: Health, Nutrition, posture, exercises to strengthen your back. How to garden without pain. Weekly Chiropractic talk in Shepton + external events in the workplace / organisations around Somerset

      In addition to a free weekly session about Chiropractic at our Shepton Mallet HQ, we also visit organisations and events with short workshops, talks + spinal & posture checks. Topics can include: Core stability, How to Eat, Move and Think for Health, Gardening Without Injury. 

    • You Are The Focus at Mendip Chiropractic

      We focus on you and your future well being. We aim to improve the trajectory of your life based on Chiropractic care, expert muscle testing and a positive approach to living well. Expect a warm welcome, professionalism, a difference, enthusiasm and expertise.   

    • Your Journey with our Chiropractor

      Many people find Mendip Chiropractic through word of mouth, perhaps a success story told by their friend. Our Chiropractor will make time to understand your story and your goals. Do you need a Chiropractor and our fresh approach to beat pain? Do you want to harness muscle testing and chiropractic for other benefits? When your goal is clear we can work together and make change.

      Art of muscle testing. Foundation of Chiropractic

      The practical art of what we do here in Somerset is in “reading” the behaviour of your muscles. This reveals areas where your body may not be working as well as it should. Expert assessment of your muscle function becomes a window through which we can view and influence your nervous system – so you work properly once more!

      Chiropractic is the other foundation of our service. A hands-on, approach to health. There is a growing body of research, trials and countless satisfied individuals who benefit from visiting their Chiropractor. Mendip Chiropractic aim to strengthen the foundations of your well-being for positive ripples into your future. 


    • Mendip Chiropractic Clinic Foundations

      We renovated our Shepton Mallet HQ in 2014-15 where we took down walls, eliminated the damp and found natural fittings that reflect our ethos. There are private rooms for your consultation and we have a large airy space for other visits, family care, workshops and seminars. There is designated free parking and rooms are on the ground floor. 

      Your Comfort and Confidence Assured.

      Your first appointment with our Chiropractor at Mendip Chiropractic is in private rooms. We provide a gown that opens at the back for when we need to look at your back / spine. We do not expect you to fully undress! On regular visits you can expect to remain in your regular clothes.

      Mendip Chiropractic has core values of: Integrity, Enthusiasm, Kindness, Contribution and Responsibility. We have invested in ourselves as a Chiropractor, our staff, services and facilities. We strive for delivering excellence and a distinctive service to Somerset. Please do not confuse us with a new "Mendip Chiropractic Clinic" on the edge of Mendip in Winscombe, we are in no way connected.