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  • This week, The Lancet (medical journal) highlighted the devastating failure of mainstream approaches to back pain and spine care. Several papers were published and many recommendations made. We are happy to say that we think our approach fits the now, newly suggested approach (but we have been doing this for years!). It is great to see that the mainstream plans to catch up.

    • Prescribed pain-killers “are discouraged for treating low back pain.” – they don’t work, they cause harm.
    • Instead, keep relatively active, with advice, exercise and practical care that is specific to you.
    • Seek someone with the knowledge, experience and techniques to help you resume your normal life as quickly as possible.Chiropractic-and-Afferent-Input-muscle-testing-Sciatica-disc-problems-leg-and-other-body-pain-in-Somerset---Shepton-Mallet-between-Wells-and-From.jpg

    This is what Mendip Chiropractic is about. Chiropractors are spinal specialists with Masters degree level education, experience and dedication. See us first. We know to refer if your problem needs medical attention and we help you do well otherwise with advice and management specific to your specific situation. Caring for your back is not rocket science to us!

    Please help others by sharing what you know about Chiropractic care – practical help for back pain and preventing problems. Better still treat yourself like you might treat your new car – get yourself an occasional check-up, (pain or not) expect a few sessions to fine tune the way your nervous system muscles & joints coordinate together and then enjoy a better journey through life.

    The path of medication and surgery is beset with side effects, complications and the consequences of an unresolved chronic back problem.