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  • Are you interested in chiropractic or muscle testing and wondering if it can it help you?

    We have two November talks at our Shepton HQ. These are short, fun informative talk (20 min + 5 min demonstration)

    The working title is: HOW TO AVOID FRUSTRATION AND PAIN IN 2018

    Many people will be held back (miss good times), work or worse through pain / injury in 2018. BUT THIS CAN OFTEN BE AVOIDED. There is a way to predict if you are heading down the injury path, and a step that changes your destination! To be clear, we are talking about the potential to reduce injuries in sport and daily life – cutting edge stuff – supported by evidence based practice.

    PLACES ARE FREE but LIMITED with no pressure sales. Call to reserve your seat. This brief presentation is based on popular seminars and talks that we are bringing “home” to the local community.

    Mon Nov 6th  6.30 – 7pm

    Tue Nov 14th 1pm – 2pm