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  • Chiropractic - Natural health, healing and wellbeing

    Chiropractic has often been misunderstood but now more people are becoming aware of its scope and effectiveness. Many people first come to us with lower back pain or neck related issues. We also work with hips, knees, and arms. In fact the whole body, but there is more to it than just this. Set aside any preconceptions you may have about Chiropractic and its application for lower back pain for a moment. This is only one aspect of a bigger picture! If you are in pain right now, then call us on 01749 938 140.

    “Chiropractic is fantastic because everyone can benefit & improve, no matter what the starting situation. Young or old, strong or weak, in pain or at your peak and chasing goals” Ben Gait MChiro  BSC DC

    Chiropractic recognises the fact that your life is expressed through the function of your brain and nervous system. Chiropractors often focus on your spine because it is highly integrated with both your central nervous system and your body. Life, health and healing comes from within us in some way. We will be at our best when our nerves are optimally communicating and coordinating everything we do. Anything that interferes with these processes limits our potential and can lead to problems. 

    You can access Chiropractic proactively. i.e. look after your spine and body to help be well - whether you have developed symptoms or not. This is investing in your future, looking to prevent problems and thrive rather than be held back through self neglect.

    You can access Chiropractic care reactively - i.e. when you have reached a stage where symptoms have developed. In this case your symptoms can be assessed and the best way forward can be discussed depending on findings. 

  • Chiropractic at Mendip Chiropractic

    At Mendip Chiropractic we focus on restoring the health and function of the spine so that brain and body work together in harmony again and you are at your best.  We also take great care to assess the level of damage and injury that you may have accumulated and help you manage your recovery. We have some awesome techniques and equipment to help you improve.

    “The function of your spine can influence the way your brain perceives what’s going on in your body. Chiropractic care restores the health and function or your spine thereby improving the communication between your brain, your body and the environment. If your brain can accurately perceive what is going on it can control your body better” Heidi Haavik PhD (Neurophysiologist  and Chiropractor)