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  • Fall Prevention: Diagnosis and Management

    • Falls represent 10–15% of A&E visits and account for about 40% of injury-related deaths.
    • 1 in 3 over the age of sixty will fall in a year. Over half of all 80 year olds will fall in a year.
    • Difficulty performing a single-leg stand or previous ankle injuries may indicate increased risk.

    On the bright side, we are trained to assess and rehabilitate balance issues and we have been revising fall prevention strategies! Please get in touch for an in house assessment for you or a loved one.

    Do you belong to a group? CPD Fall prevention diagnosis and management

    We have developed a practical workshop on fall prevention, assessmeent and rehabilitation. We have taken it on the road to a warm reception. The session is fun, informative and a practical opportunity to test your own skills. You leave with solutions to put in place immediately to improve your balance and cut your risk of falls.
    Every year Chiropractors must, by law, complete 30 hours of “continuing professional development” (CPD) – learning and revision to maintain and improve our skills. 6 months into 2018/19’s requirement and Ben has already exceeded this years minimum requirement with this course being just one of many activities.