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    Perform at your best with Mendip Chiropractic

    Mendip Chiropractic is an enthusiastic, family friendly chiropractic practice.

    When your body works well you should be able to pursue and achieve your goals. This might simply be to greet the day and move without discomfort or you could be one of our "elite" guests, pushing for a top prize. 

  • You should certainly not be held back by pain or other symptoms. These are a signal from your body, a call to take action. Just like a dashboard light on a car, you can choose to ignore or you can take action. Mendip Chiropractic exists to help you thrive by locating and correcting any issues and by fine-tuning your physical function.

  • We’ll take time to understand your current situation. We apply a combination of specialist muscle testing (Afferent Input Technique) and our experience in chiropractic techniques.

    For example, we might identify a problem affecting the muscles that should protect your back and hip when you move. With gentle "adjustments" we can correct this to restore normal function whilst helping you to manage any associated injury. This approach aims to minimise the chance of future problems by tackling the cause. Have a look at some of the testimonials on this site.

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