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    Mendip Chiropractic are an enthusiastic, family friendly Chiropractic clinic with a difference*

    When your body works well you should be able to achieve what you want. You should not be held back or in pain. Being able to get through the day and move without discomfort should be your norm and pushing for a personal best should be an option. Unfortunately you are not always on top form - Mendip Chiropractic aim to help you thrive again.

    We use our expertise to get your body performing better so that you can enjoy life. For example, we might correct a problem affecting the muscles that protect your back and hip when you move. This problem may have resulted in damage and pain. With gentle adjustments we can help you manage these injuries so you can recover fast and hopefully avoid further problems. We enjoy helping like this. At Mendip Chiropractic we have many great stories to share. Have a look at some feedback / testimonials on this site.

    We’ll take time to understand your current situation and use that knowledge to move you forward. We combine our expertise in the specialist field of Muscle Testing (Afferent Input Technique) and passion for Chiropractic. Together the two are powerful– like petrol and a match! We help you achieve a positive outcome.

    Let’s get started. Call Mendip Chiropractic on 01749 938 140.

    *We have invested time and effort training with the best Chiropractors, Muscle Testing Experts and Leaders since graduating from the AECC Chiropractic College in 2009. We established Mendip Chiropractic in Shepton in 2010/11 and work hard to excel in the specialist fields offered on this website. Many people find us as a result of our reputation and reccommendation. Please do not confuse Mendip Chiropractic with "Mendip Chiropractic Clinic Winscombe" (established around 2015-16) There is no connection and the services offered will not be identical.