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    Our aim is to help proper function return to your body so that you can feel at your best. 


  • " ... I am amazed at the simplicity of Chiropractic work, even more amazed at the outcome of it all!" Shirley Higgins April 2017

  • As a precaution, some content below has been removed or edited out. This temporary measure follows a move by the advertising standards agency (ASA) to restrict the publication of testimonials by non-pharmaceutical based healthcare professions. The original documents are available at our practice. Sorry! We aim to update content in good time following guidance.” Ben Gait. Jan 2018

  • "I did not feel that I could improve to this extent with more walking and playing with the grandkids. It's been a good improvement in my lifestyle ..." Steph Adams Jan 2017
  • "I was a bit apprehensive at first but have been proved totally wrong. This has helped me so much in so many ways" Peter Benson Dec 2016
  • "...back pain has almost gone after 4 weeks of treatment. Wonderful to be able to bend again to do the gardening." (After 6 months of problems following an awkward bend) Jane Smith July 2016
  • "When I first came to see Ben my back was in a terrible state. I am now back to my old self. I would recommend anyone with a back problem to take a visit to Ben". Barrie Glover May 2016
  • Paul Kelly, April 2016 "With each visit I feel better. After 4 visits I am back at the gym, working better ..."
  • I've been seeing Ben for 2 years now. My back and neck pain is controlled, ... I attend every 6 weeks for "maintenance" and really feel the benefits. I can recommend the treatment and the service. Sue Sherring FEB 2006
  • ...his diagnosis was spot on and the treatments have returned the back to working order quicker than I expected. Debbie Christensen January 2016
  • Ben is totally committed to his practice. The welcome is friendly from both receptionist Sue and naturally Ben...I would recommend this practitioner with confidence. Chris Atkins February 2016
  • I have greatly reduced painkillers... I have found the whole experience beneficial and feel that its very personal and that I matter. Chris Dyer March 2016
  • "…The transformation between when I first came and now has been phenomenal. I can’t believe the difference that has been made...it’s fantastic!..." Bryn Mitchell Frome, Oct 2013
  • "I arrived at Ben’s practice the first time as a last hope resort. Due to a complicated health issue, I was in agony and unable to take anti-inflammatory medicine. Ben was positive yet cautious about how much improvement I could expect but my goodness how he has helped. Now a few short weeks later I am back to gardening, swimming, dog walking, in fact my life. Thank you Ben and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others, the Mineral Hospital are delighted in my progress." Margaret Cridland. Mendip. April 2013
  • I used to feel very cynical about people like you but now you are my miracle man! I certainly feel a whole lot better. Thank you. Gillian Way. Croscombe, Shepton Mallet. July 2012
  • “The doctors that I saw told me I had lost a lot of flexibility in my spine which was causing my problems (..., ..., ...). So they gave me injections which did not help. Dr Gait* also noted my inflexibility, he measured it but then actually did something ...so that I now feel great again”. Jill Marten-Smith. Croscombe, Shepton Mallet. April 2013
  • * Dr Ben Gait DC BSc MChiro, our main Chiropractor is a Doctor of Chiropractic, not a GP (doctor of Medicine).

    All these comments have been offered and shared with permission. We have these and many more all on file at our office.