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  • Sports Injuries and Competition

    Athletes work hard because they want to be participate and be successful. To achieve this they need to avoid sports injuries. This is a key reason behind training. Many individuals and clubs invest in a Chiropractor and or Physiotherapist or other types of neuro musculoskeletal specialists as a complement to their preparation. They understand the need of having a well tuned body.

    Reactive Care v Proactive Approaches

    Some complementary approaches are reactive - they aim to treat a symptom to get it better. Think of a Physiotherapist spraying a cold spray on a sprained ligament and then perhaps massaging the area or using ultrasound over following days.

    Proactive Approaches

    A body that can react and respond well to physical challenges from terrain and opponents is more likely to achieve optimum output and not fail than a body which is poorly controlled. That seems logical right? The necessary control is coordinated by nerves and muscles which support and move bones. A good golf swing? Performance relies on every muscle in the chain of movement from head to toe.

    Being able to assess these functions, and correct perceived failings is a proactive approach to chasing success. This approach does not rely on waiting for an injury or the presence of symptom. It is is more along the lines of tuning and servicing a car rather than calling out the breakdown truck. What this approach does rely on is a practitioner who has the ability to assess for functional problems.

    Afferent Input Practice and Chiropractic

    At Mendip Chiropractic Clinic, one of the ways we assess function is with specialist muscle testing techniques (Ben is an Afferent Input Technique Practitioner). We also draw on our Chiropractic knowledge. We see people who have symptoms and those who have not. We are happy to arrange a consultation if you are concerned about sports injuries, new or old. We can offer an assessment and then discuss options based on the findings.

    Study Showed a Reduction in Sports Injuries

    A 2011 study by the Macquarie University of Australia followed footballers who had Chiropractic care in addition to other physical therapies and found that they experienced significantly fewer injuries over the following season. Around a third less knee injuries and hamstring injuries than those that had Physio care alone!

    Our lead Chiropractor Ben invests in learning from some of the leading Chiropractors and as a keen runner, seeks out those with expertise in the application of Chiropractic to sports. We even host seminars to become better at helping you. Recently Jesper Dahl DC came to Mendip Chiropractic with his practical course “Can he run? Should she run?" which helped delegates develop practical skills to assess and help runners of all abilities.

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