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  • Straighten Up UK!

    We are often asked about, and give home exercises. Unfortunately a “one size fit’s all” approach will not work here, especially if you have a specific injury which would need a careful examination before specific advice can be given. If this is you, please get in touch. For a healthy movement habit though, one routine you should consider is the “Straighten Up” routine.

  • "Straighten Up UK" is designed to improve posture and help prevent back pain through simple movements that promote balance, strength and spinal flexibility. The idea is that you incorporate these movements into your daily routine – the chiropractic equivalent of regular tooth brushing. Straighten Up UK can be completed in around 3 minutes and is great for adults and children alike. The video link here is Straighten Up Canada - it is the same routine but the video get's straight to the point!

    We also recommend that you download a leaflet from the British Chiropractic Asociation (CLICK!) For more specific advice.

    Get familiar with the moves and you will find you can perform them in a relaxed mindful way or as a more energising limber up. It may be useful as warm up – perhaps before a gardening blitz - or to break up tasks that might be taking a physical toll. Generally people are spending more time in poor posture positions (staring at their phones!) so please commit to this 5 minute daily antidote.

    Doubts or problems with the routine? Think you might benefit from a consultation? Please do not hesitate to get in touch.