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  • “I have been to several Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists myself in the past but I have never seen anything like this before. You were the first person to check and show the cause of the problem! It was amazing to watch you perform the tests and the adjustment”. Michael Tappeiner on his experience of the AIP muscle testing approach of our Mendip Chiropractor.
  • Mendip Chiropractor: Different with Afferent Input Muscle Testing

    Afferent Input Practitioners (AIP) use a specialist form of muscle testing which forms the back bone of our unique approach at Mendip Chiropractic (pun intended!). It gives us our edge. Afferent Input Practice is NOT Chiropractic but we believe that combining the two helps us take effective care of the spine to help you be better. AIP Muscle Testing takes hard work to master. It has been described as the "science and art of removing nerve interference".

    This approach is great for you because it:

    • Is easy and comfortable for you to undergo.
    • Is fascinating and reassuring to experience - you'll literally feel differences in strength. 
    • Connects the dots for you between areas of reduced spinal and muscle function that can be corrected for you to improve.
    • Can uncover often surprise factors that may be affecting you. This is especially useful for untangling issues with chronic back pain or other symptoms. 
    • Can be used to guide your Chiropractic care.
    • When you understand a treatment you get better results. 

    Relatively few Chiropractors use or have mastered the Afferent Input Approach. We love it. It helps us be detectives, uncovering the cause and solution of symptoms 

    Reading your spine, central nervous system via muscles:

    Your spine is highly integrated with your central nervous system, playing a key role in the way your brain controls your body, it's muscles, organs and everything you do. Problems related to this system can lead to injuries and poor spinal related health. Afferent Input Muscle Testing helps investigate the faults and by fusing these specialist skills with Chiropractic expertise, we help you achieve solid, robust improvements based on the following steps:

    1. Identify, explain and correct underlying faults/issues that hold you back. This step is so often overlooked yet so important for avoiding problems, recovering efficiently and performing at the best you can.
    2. We also assess the consequences of problems found in step one: Any acquired injury and damage - so that a swift recovery can be appropriately managed.

    It is not essential to be a Chiropractor to train in Afferent Input Practice although the skills take experience to master and are suited to those with a background in Chiropractic. The title Chiropractor is protected and requires certain standards of education to be met. 

  • Mendip Chiropractic were established in 2011 and are in no way associated with another clinic, (similar name, different service, established in Winscombe around 2015-16). We offer this form of Muscle Testing based in Shepton Mallet, our Somerset Clinic, near Frome, Bruton, Wells and Glastonbury.

    Ben Gait DC BSc MChiro is our Chiropractor and a member of the Association of Afferent Input Practitioners.