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  • Lots of people suffer regularly with headaches but that does not make it normal. Think of a headache as a symptom, a signal that something is not right. Wouldn’t it be best to correct the underlying issues? A common approach is to take tablets and attempt to smother the symptoms. How many headaches are caused by a lack of tablets!?

    The causes of a headache can vary so of course not all types will respond to Chiropractic care. Your Chiropractor will assess you, discuss the findings and agree a sensible way to proceed. The good news is that research, case studies and our experience is clear: Many people report great improvements in their headache after Chiropractic care. At the time of writing, research finds Chiropractic care to be effective with cervicogenic headache (headache linked to issues in the neck). 

  • Chiropractic is not a treatment for headaches as such. Rather than target a symptom, Chiropractic tries to restore / improve the function of your body especially the spine. When you are “working well” you should expect fewer symptoms. If you or anybody you know suffers from a regular headache or migraine, consider a Chiropractor. Unfortunately too few people are aware of what Chiropractic can do in the realm of the headache.

    Muscle Testing, Chiropractic and Support. Complement this with good choices

    Our expertise is the interplay of your spine, muscles and joints with your nervous system. Our service is about assessing you, your spine, your muscle function, your injuries, their consequences and how this can be corrected to improve the quality of your life. We aim to try and help you get more robust through Chiropractic and Afferent Input Muscle testing.

    We are trained to understand a good deal about nutrition and lifestyle and how this can influence health. Some foods for example can increase painful symptoms and some reduce. Some foods trigger migraines! Our expertise lies in providing a natural way of dealing with your triggers.

    Measurable Progress

    As you progress through a course of Chiropractic care your body is expected to perform better and you experience positive change in your quality of life. Pain symptoms are monitored for improvement. We also monitor your progress with regular postural assessments, thermal scans, and physical tests.