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  • Nerve & Muscle Coordination is Crucial

    Muscle function is crucial to everything you do. Your strength and agility, your ability to move well and avoid pain. All these actions are underpinned by well coordianted nerve - muscle function. While you concentrate on picking up the shopping, or running on uneven ground, are you thinking about coordinating your ankle or back muscles? Good muscle function requires subconscious, nerve control. Glitches at this level are often associated with pain, chronic problems, wear and tear and injury.

  • Common Problem, Rarely Considered

    Most people are unaware that they have muscles that are not working fully. You won't feel it. You feel the consequences. Many individual muscles play a part in the orchestra of your overall performance and compensate for each other. If one or more of these are “out of tune”, however strong it might be individually, the whole movement is affected. The outcome may be recurring problems, a one off fail of control leading to sprains and strains or simply a failure to move efficiently. "I bent down to pick something up and my hip went”

  • The "Afferent Input" Solution

    Afferent Input Practitioners are specialists at testing your muscles to uncover and correct the hidden issues. They are detectives, finding poor muscle function, identifying interference, targeting the consequences and restoring healthy, well-coordinated muscle function once more. Although an Afferent Input Practitioners is not necessarily a Chiropractors, the two approaches work well together for finding and correcting the underlying factors that can lead to health problems, pain and poor performance.

    Your body ought to be healthy, and your muscles should work responsively together as a default. Muscles are coordinate by nerve pathways. Problems are usually the result of interference that has altered the way your nerves coordinate your life. Past injury, nutrition, toxins, irritants, and emotional stress can all play a role. Muscle testing, in the right hands can shed light on food intolerance, deficiencies and other factors that limit health.  

    Get checked by an Afferent Input Practitioner at Mendip Chiropractic: Few performance specialists or health professionals are able to test this key aspect of you strength. We do – at Mendip Chiropractic - to get you and keep you robust.

    Benjamin Gait DC BSc MChiro is a member of the Association of Afferent Input Practitioners