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  • Back Pain or Not: A Check Up Is A Wise Investment In Your Future.

    Back pain or a similar crisis with your body can mean a miserable life. Time off work, no fun, no participation - a dark cloud over you and those around you. Here at Mendip Chiropractic we provide expert care for your spine and body. We have experience helping hundreds of people when things have gone wrong and we like to help you avoid new mishaps happening in the first place. Spine care is not just about back pain, back pain is often a symptom or injury that follows a preceding problem. 

    If you are suffering now then call us on 0149 938 140 and we can arrange to see you. We will find out what has gone wrong and discuss the best way to get you back to your best. We also invite you to click on the logo at the top of this page to have a look around this site.

    Chiropractic - When You Do Not Have Back Pain

    We recommend that everyone gets their spine checked from regularly, just like you might service a car to prevent an issue becoming a crisis. Don't think that Chiropractic is just about back pain care. For a start we work on your whole body, from ankles, knees and hips to your pelvis, shoulders & neck. This is whole body care. Read some of the stories / feedback from people that come to us 

    Why do people brush their teeth? Why get your eyes checked? Why bother eating well or exercising? Here are some clues that a Chiropractic check up is overdue before you develop back pain:

    Something holding you back? People often know something is not right. There might be past injuries or occasional stiffness.

    Did they got that "wear and tear" overnight? Many people have accumulated osteoarthritis ("wear & tear"). Some need worn body parts replaced!! Wouldn't you rather do your best to avoid problems in later life. What is that niggle leading to? 

    But I already have [insert "diagnosis" here]! The human body has amazing abilities to adapt and even self heal, in the right conditions. If you have a pre-existing condition then: Why? How can it be better managed? For example: Did you resolve the imbalance that led to that worn hip or just replace the part instead? It's like changing a tyre but not sorting out the wheel alignment!

    You want to be the best that you can be. Great, so do we! Get in touch lets talk Chiropractic and lifestyle and try some Afferent Input Muscle testing to see if we can help.

    "I wish I had come earlier" "I have had a back pain for ages" We hear this a lot and we hear people admit that they have taken their health and spine for granted over the years causing more significant issues. Don't make things more difficult than they need to be. Call us.

    If you have a spine then you should visit us.

    We will spend time with you to show you how, with our techniques, you might be better than you are now- even if you "don't have back pain". We have some amazing case studies and testimonials from people that come to us.