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  • Chiropractic is Suitable for Everyone But...

    Chiropractic is a profession, not a technique. This means that an experienced Chiropractor should be proficient with a range of skills and techniques. Certain people will require a Chiropractor with specialist skills. Not all Chiropractors have, for example, an interest or specific training to work with babies.

    A professional rugby player, and a 94 year old all demand a different approach. We have worked with these people and our youngest guest was 2 days old (after a difficult birth). Equally important for consideration are specific conditions: Just because someone is suffering with sciatica or osteoporosis or arthritis of the knee or Ankylosing Spondylitis it does not mean they have no options. Your Chiropractor will take these things into consideration when evaluating the best approach. Occasionally we may refer you for special tests to before we proceed.

    Here at Mendip Chiropractic we take time to understand your situation holistically. Please do not hesitate to call us if you would like to discuss a specific situation prior to a consultation.

    As we add to this website site we will provide more information on some of our specialist techniques and experience such as:

    • Flexion Distraction (Spinal decompression)
    • SOT
    • Paediatric and Pregnancy care
    • The Webster technique
    • Proprioceptive Muscle Testing
    • Chiropractic for Sports / Performance
    • Lifestyle advice – nutrition, mind control and exercise
    • Posture analysis
    • Talks and workshops for specialist groups.