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  • Your First Visit to Mendip Chiropractic

    We aim to provide a warm welcome at Mendip Chiropractic. We try to create a relaxed environment where you feel comfortable. We are happy for you to bring a friend with you too if you prefer.

    You will probably meet Sue, our Chiropractic Assistant (CA), first. Sue will hand you a form to complete which collects your basic details and relevant information. It is simple and the CA is there to help but please allow 5-10 minutes for this essential step by arriving in good time.

    You will then meet your Chiropractor, and move to a private room for your consultation. Here you can explain your reason for attending, your goals for chiropractic care etc. This is followed by a thorough Chiropractic examination including muscle testing, postural analysis, thermal scan of your spine and detailed assessment of any injury. 

    For the examination we usually require the removal of shirts / t-shirts so that we can observe the areas of your back, around your spine. Women can keep bras on! We provide a gown for this and you will not need to do this on routine, subsequent visits. Gowns are also available for men on request.

    We should soon have an understanding of what is holding you back, the nature of any associated injuries and some measurements that can be used to track your progress. If Chiropractic & Afferent Input Techniques can help you, we may be in a position to explain our approach and offer care on the spot. If it is necessary we can help you find another professional or refer you for specific tests such as x-rays. Shepton Mallet hospital has MRi and x-ray facilities.

    Don’t worry if at this point there has been a lot to take in. We make time to explain things and will do so again on subsequent visits. 

    Chiropractic works – that is why it is so popular!

    Chiropractic care often involves something called an “adjustment”. This is perhaps the most well known and most misunderstood part of chiropractic. During an adjustment, a joint is subjected to a short, carefully controlled impulse. The result is often an immediate audible “pop” from that joint. This is not something to worry about! It occurs as bubbles of gas form briefly with pressure changes in that joint, like when your knuckle clicks. Adjustments have well documented, positive effects which you will learn more about and experience on your visit. See you soon!