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  • Headache and Migraine changes Following Chiropractc

    Jenny came to Mendip Chiropractic complaining of headaches, migraines and poor sleep.  She described her headache as being present most days, usually affecting both the front forehead area, behind her eye, and the back of her head. The usual head ache regularly became a full migraine. Jenny told us that she has struggled to get to sleep since her teens when these symptom began. Now in her forties, you can imagine how she has been held back everyday, having to get by and cope. She has tired to get help before, tried headache diaries and seen consultants, she takes pills but still suffers. 

    Our exam found that Jenny had problems linked to her spine, especially her neck. We made one correction - a Chiropractic adjustment- at that first visit. Jenny has not looked back! She felt different that evening, went to bed headache free and had the best sleep she had had in years. She overslept and was late for work!

    Jenny said at her reassessment, on her 6th visit: "I highly recommend, wish I had come years ago".

    Headaches 85% better. Neck pain 75% better. Neck stiffness 85% better. She is still sleeping soundly, feeling great, better mood and more positive. That was a couple of visits ago and Jenny is still thriving. You can see the difference as she walks in with a smile!

    Who do you know that should try a Chiropractor?