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  • Why I Became a Chiropractor - Ben

    I became inspired by Chiropractic after taking my daughter for a check-up shortly after she was born. She seemed very irritable. Out of desperation, on recommendation, we tried an “alternative approach” and I am so grateful we did. Our daughter was treated with cranial techniques and soon appeared calm, slept and fed well despite my initial scepticism. Our new family life was back on track and I decided to change careers.

    We relocated to Bournemouth with our baby and had 2 x more whilst I completed my Masters. All 3 of our children were checked by a Chiropractor when they were born and I continue to check them and adjust them occasionally to this day. Sometimes they remind me! Before changing careers I thought of Chiropractic as something for bad backs. I now know it can be more than this although of course, I work with many people who discover Chiropractic because back pain pushed them to find help.

    I should point out that Chiropractic is not a treatment for conditions. This might sound picky but in the case of my daughter, the person that helped us checked our daughter's skeleton and skull bones. They were not treating her for a condition. She had been born "back to back" and we were told that this had affected some of her cranial bones. This made sense to us as our daughter was born with a big bruise on her misshapen head and seemed in pain. This care given gently corrected what was found - it didn't treat a condition!. Apparently, the resulting harmony was a happy side effect! Our page on headaches might explain this approach overall a little more.