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  • Feedback we have received

    Our aim is to help proper function return to your body so that you can feel at your best. Below are some of the testimonials people wrote for us. More recent ones tend to be added either to our Facebook page or google site. Thank you to everyone who made time to spread the word : )


  • " ... I am amazed at the simplicity of Chiropractic work, even more amazed at the outcome of it all!" Shirley Higgins April 2017

  • "I did not feel that I could improve to this extent with more walking and playing with the grandkids. It's been a good improvement in my lifestyle ..." Steph Adams Jan 2017
  • "I was a bit apprehensive at first but have been proved totally wrong. This has helped me so much in so many ways" Peter Benson Dec 2016
  • "...back pain has almost gone after 4 weeks of treatment. Wonderful to be able to bend again to do the gardening." (After 6 months of problems following an awkward bend) Jane Smith July 2016
  • "When I first came to see Ben my back was in a terrible state. I am now back to my old self. I would recommend anyone with a back problem to take a visit to Ben". Barrie Glover May 2016
  • I've been seeing Ben for 2 years now. My back and neck pain is controlled, ... I attend every 6 weeks for "maintenance" and really feel the benefits. I can recommend the treatment and the service. Sue Sherring FEB 2006
  • Paul Kelly, April 2016 "With each visit I feel better. After 4 visits I am back at the gym, working better ..."
  • ...his diagnosis was spot on and the treatments have returned the back to working order quicker than I expected. Debbie Christensen January 2016
  • Ben is totally committed to his practice. The welcome is friendly from both receptionist Sue and naturally Ben...I would recommend this practitioner with confidence. Chris Atkins February 2016
  • I have greatly reduced painkillers... I have found the whole experience beneficial and feel that its very personal and that I matter. Chris Dyer March 2016
  • “The doctors that I saw told me I had lost a lot of flexibility in my spine which was causing my problems (..., ..., ...). So they gave me injections which did not help. Dr Gait* also noted my inflexibility, he measured it but then actually did something ...so that I now feel great again”. Jill Marten-Smith. Croscombe, Shepton Mallet. April 2013
  • "…The transformation between when I first came and now has been phenomenal. I can’t believe the difference that has been made...it’s fantastic!..." Bryn Mitchell Frome, Oct 2013
  • "I arrived at Ben’s practice the first time as a last hope resort. Due to a complicated health issue, I was in agony and unable to take anti-inflammatory medicine. Ben was positive yet cautious about how much improvement I could expect but my goodness how he has helped. Now a few short weeks later I am back to gardening, swimming, dog walking, in fact my life. Thank you Ben and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others, the Mineral Hospital are delighted in my progress." Margaret Cridland. Mendip. April 2013
  • I used to feel very cynical about people like you but now you are my miracle man! I certainly feel a whole lot better. Thank you. Gillian Way. Croscombe, Shepton Mallet. July 2012
  • Full transcripts are not published simply to limit the amount of content or, in some cases to remove some of the positive claims people have made about the result of our care. It sounds crazy but although the Advertising Standards Agency will allow a manufacturer to claim e.g. that its shower gel is energising, it does not like similar claims to be made for our sector!


  • * Dr Ben Gait DC BSc MChiro, our main Chiropractor is a Doctor of Chiropractic, not a GP (doctor of Medicine).

    All these comments have been offered and shared with permission. We have these and many more all on file at our office.