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  • I first saw Ben for treatment when I was 8 months pregnant

    I had been experiencing pain for about 3 weeks and it was affecting my sleep. My midwife had said it was just a normal part of my stage of pregnancy and there was not much to be done. Ben was brilliant... I was so amazed I have since referred to him as the man with the magic hands!

    Then, About 21 Months Later...

    I took my son Jack to Ben when he was 20 months old. Jack had fractured his leg and worn a cast that, although the fracture had healed, had left him with a pronounced limp. Having exhausted all my options with the NHS I went to see Ben to see if anything could be done. Ben has such a calm, lovely manner he was able to assess Jack in a way the other doctors had failed as he got him to stay still and he didn’t even cry. Ben gave my son two adjustments and his limp has disappeared completely. It was really quite something to see, Jack was dragging his leg, Ben picked him up and fiddled with his knee put him down and he walled without dragging his foot. Ben then pulled on his ankle, there was a pop and he has walked normally ever since. Helen & Jack Watson. Westbury

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