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  • Our Muscle Testing Makes a Difference

    Functional muscle testing is a key method that we use to reveal how well your body is working and determine what needs to improve. We use a muscle testing system called Afferent Input, it is a unique part of our approach. It gives us our edge and helps us restore yours!

    Reading your spine and nervous system via your muscles

    For your body to perform properly (pain-free, good ability, avoiding injury), your muscles must move and protect your skeleton optimally.  This is dependant on your nervous system - which coordinates the muscle activity. Together, your skeleton, muscles, and nerves form an amazing system, your responsive, protective, armoured vehicle, for navigating the world.

    Afferent input muscle testing evaluates differences in the response of your muscles using sensitive muscle tests. Any discrepancies can be adjusted and retested to be sure that you leave your appointment satisfied. A little like a scientist might analyse engine performance before using their spanner to race tune a formula 1 car.

    Few chiropractors have experience of afferent input muscle testing. We get results with it. Our clients find:

    • Testing to be easy/comfortable
    • Experiencing the changes before and after can be fascinating
    • It connects the dots between their spine, muscles, and symptoms
    • The true cause of repetitive problems
    • They get breakthroughs

    Your Spine Is So Important To This

    Your spine is your flexible backbone, a complex arrangement of bones/joints, muscles, and nerves that need to be precisely controlled so that you may e.g. bend without injury. It also contains and protects your spinal cord, part of your central nervous system, and the "computer" which controls your movements (via those muscles, joints, and nerves)! 

    Many of the "glitches" we identify when muscle testing, the problems that hold you back, often link to the state of your spine. This is one reason chiropractic and muscle testing work so well together and why the spine must not be overlooked when taking care of you.


  • Mendip Chiropractic was established in 2011 and is in no way associated with another clinic, (used the same name in Winscombe around 2015-16).

    Ben Gait DC BSc MChiro is a member of the Association of Afferent Input Practitioners. To book an appointment please call 01749 938 140 or get in touch through social media. See you soon.

  • “I have been to several Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Physiotherapists myself in the past but I have never seen anything like this before. You were the first person to check and show the cause of the problem! It was amazing to watch you perform the tests and the adjustment”. Michael Tappeiner on his experience of the combined approach of functional muscle testing, with chiropractic.