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  • “My flipping calf muscle has gone again,” says the disgruntled runner. I feel for them. They have diligently done their stretches. They have rested. They have seen the sports therapist. They have been pummeled and they even forked out for special foot supports. It’s so frustrating. If this is you, I feel your pain. It frustrates me too. And I have heard – so often – “I didn’t know! I thought you just did backs. I wish I’d known before”.Analysing body function with functional muscle testing and chiropractic Resolve & prevent injury in runners - Mendip Chirorpractic, Shepton Wells Frome.jpg

    Chiropractic is the profession with the most comprehensive neuro-musculoskeletal training. We learn the therapies that a sports therapist might use. We have done the taping courses, the soft tissue work. I worked at the AECC University functional rehabilitation centre during my master’s degree. We get pigeon-holed with back pain because, as it is the biggest global musculoskeletal challenge, we rise to the top. But we are concerned with restoring the function of your entire body, not just the notorious back problems.
    Bum pain when you run? Repeat knee problems or tennis elbow? These symptoms are a consequence of disruption to the normal way your body should work. Something failing in a certain setting, like a faulty movement as you pound the trails. Your body can work well and you should be able to build up to your activity goal. But most of us have accumulated some limiting “glitches”. You may not be aware of these glitches but there will be repercussions (injury at some stage). Our job is to identify and remove the glitches, manage the injury, and help you to stop them coming back again.
    Holistic body function incorporating appropriate "sports therapist" techniques. Functional correction and guidance.

    Often pigeon-holed by success in “back care” but trained in skills of the sports therapist and more

    University Study Showed a Reduction in Sports Injuries with Pre-emptive Care
    Keeping your body well maintained in the first place is the best way to stay on top of your sport. You don’t need to be injured to benefit from careful assessment and correction.

    A 2011 study by the Macquarie University of Australia followed footballers who had chiropractic care in addition to other sports therapies and found that they experienced significantly fewer injuries over the following season. Around a third fewer knee injuries and hamstring injuries than those that had physio care alone!

    Our lead chiropractor Ben invests in learning from some of the leading chiropractors and as a keen runner, seeks out those with expertise in the application of Chiropractic to sports. We have hosted seminars to become better at helping you. Recently Jesper Dahl DC came to Mendip Chiropractic with his practical course “Can he run? Should she run?” which helped delegates develop practical skills to assess and help the runner.

    Invest in your success with a check-up. Believe me, as a runner (30-40 miles a week at the time of writing, I have made the mistakes and learnt).

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