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  • Chiropractic - Returning You to Your Best

    Chiropractic focuses on taking care of people by natural means, restoring, and maintaining the body's existing, self-protecting functions so that they can live a normal life and thrive not just "get by". This scope covers the whole body - not just injuries of the back although there is a focus on the spine which is explained below.

    Chiropractic is a profession, rather than a "thing" that is "done". So exactly what happens at your appointment will depend on your needs and your chiropractor's approach. What you can expect with us is detailed below and elsewhere on this website, but call us to discuss if you would rather: 01749 938 140

    Whole-body care. NOT JUST helping back pain.

    Not just bones. Not just nerves. Not just muscles

    Improving and maintaining body function - you don't need to be in pain

    But injury care when appropriate.

    Expect, "hands-on" treatment, explanations, advice, and exercises

    You don't need to take your clothes off! Gown offered if we need to look at your back.

    We know how your body should work and we identify subtle bad habits that have developed. We usually correct this with quick techniques done by hand called "adjustments", to "reboot" your system and if you have a specific injury we help you manage this with advice and appropriate techniques. This broad approach is as applicable for a bad foot that hurts on a run as an aching shoulder and headache in an office worker.

    Powerful lobbies spread disinformation to marginalise chiropractic and protect those that profit from keeping it outside the mainstream but what is alternative about this pragmatic approach!

    Chiropractic and the Spine 


    Your spine is your flexible backbone, a complex arrangement of bones/joints, muscles, and nerves that need to be precisely controlled so that you may e.g. bend without injury or stand tall! It houses your spinal cord - part of your central nervous system - the "computer" which controls your movements (via those muscles, joints, and nerves)!
    Many of the "glitches" we identfy, the problems that hold you back, often relate your spine. This is one reason why chiropractic has a huge focus on spinal health. Everyone should get their spine checked - like you would go to the hygenist for your teeth - and then follow our advice to look after your spine, just like you clean your teeth.

  • Chiropractic and back problems

    Most people realise that chiropractors should be the first person to see about backache because we have so much training, focus, and experience in this area. We are usually the best place to help diagnose, and deal with a back issue and we know what situations require onward referral.

    You can access chiropractic proactively i.e. look after your spine and body to help be well - whether you have developed symptoms or not. This is investing in your future, looking to prevent problems. You can access Chiropractic care reactively- i.e. when you have reached a stage where symptoms have developed. Try not to leave it too late though! 

    “The function of your spine can influence the way your brain perceives what’s going on in your body. Chiropractic care restores the health and function or your spine thereby improving the communication between your brain, your body and the environment. If your brain can accurately perceive what is going on it can control your body better” Heidi Haavik PhD (Neurophysiologist and Chiropractor) 

    Chiropractors train initially on a 5-year degree course.