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  • Straighten Up UK!

    "Straighten-Up UK" is a simple set of movements designed to improve balance, posture and flexibility through regular use. Performed regularly this can be an antidote to periods of poor posture we often adopt in daily life. This is a routine to keep you well once any underlying issues have been resolved. Think of this as the spinal and skeletal equivalent of regular tooth brushing.

  • Download a leaflet (Adult & Child-friendly versions) here. (CLICK!)

    Straighten-Up UK can be completed in around 3 minutes. Make this a daily habit and use it as a warm-up before activity and a way to break up tasks that might be taking a physical toll. Generally, people are spending more time in poor posture positions (staring at their phones!). Break that habit. 

    Are you in pain now? Straighten-up might not be suitable yet. You may need help resolving an injury and to be shown ways to move that promote healing and avoid exacerbation of your injury. Feel free to call us 01749 938 140