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  • You Are Unique – Don’t Compromise

  • Assessing and correcting sensorimotor function with Afferent Input Techniques at Mendip Chiropractic in Shepton Somerset near Wells Chiropractor 1) You are unique. You have your own reasons to book with us. You may be unsure if we can help, eager, reluctant, low back pain, or no discomfort. This is all fine. We’ll take the time to listen and understand before discussing what we can do to help. Start on the right path.

    2) We understand your incredible abilities. Even if it does not feel that way right now, your body has an amazing ability to move well, bend, dodge, support, and avoid damage. This is the result of the interaction of your senses – of your nervous system – controlling your muscles to move and protect your bones. This is our field. Your spine is fundamental to this.

    3) But life can sap your ability. Leaving you at less than 100%. Yep, things like bad posture all day at work, that old ankle sprain, poor core strength, and limited movements to name some of the obvious examples. Such things can weaken you or decrease your capacity to move well. This is a restricted state. Even so, we can often seem to get by. But there will be a consequence in the end. We can help you identify and manage these issues.

    4) You unravel in certain situations. Perhaps it’s too much force on a “weak” knee or spine, with a bad bend. Or hot desking all day on an office chair. Or repeating a seemingly innocuous movement, badly, too many times that eventually causes wear and tear. Things go wrong when we end up in a situation that we are not able to tolerate. The weaker our special abilities have become (in step 2), the less we can tolerate (of step 3) before we eventually notice the repercussions (step 4). And Repeat! 

    5) So back to you, and what we do! This is why we take the time to listen and understand. We have techniques that can help your body work better, restoring your abilities. And you have an amazing capacity to heal. But lasting improvements sometimes involve tweaking your bigger picture too – the situation you are in and the stress on your system. Perhaps, for example, we’ll also be able to guide you, to modify your work environment or the way you move.

    Then it is back to you and your amazing capacity to get better! So that your life can be full, not hampered, you can be happier doing what you want or less fearful of future problems.

    This is what a partnership is all about. Come and see us. Come and talk to us. Let’s get started. 01749 938 140

    Your spine is your flexible backbone, a complex arrangement of bones/joints, muscles, and nerves that need to be precisely controlled so that you may e.g. bend without injury or stand tall! It also contains your spinal cord – part of your central nervous system – the “computer” which controls your movements (via those muscles, joints, and nerves!). Your spine must both protect your spinal cord and allow it to communicate with your body. That is a design compromise. Many of the “glitches” we identfy, the problems that hold you back, often relate your spine. This is one reason why chiropractic has a huge focus on spinal health. Everyone should get their spine checked – like you would go to the hygenist for your a dental service – and then follow our advice to look after your spine, just like you clean your teeth.