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  • Exercises for Lower Back Pain – Avoidance/Recovery

  • There are many exercises for lower back pain but there can also be many different reasons for your lower back pain. This means that the best exercise for one person may not be suitable for someone else. Think of the exercises in this video as your fundamental low-back movements. You should move like this even if you are feeling pain-free. You should definitely become familiar with this material if you suffer low back pain.

    Move regularly, spare the spine, use your hips!

    Your chiropractor should be able to advise on exercises for lower back pain that are more specific to your situation. But these would still usually be the first step. They help. First, we demonstrate some “microbreaks”. The idea behind these is that it is generally a good idea to move regularly, as part of your recovery process. Then we demonstrate “tissue sparing” movements. These are ways to move that are less likely to aggravate your back as you go about typical activities.