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  • Mendip Chiropractic: Why your spine is crucial!

    Chiropractic is a healthcare profession focused on helping your body work better. A Chiropractor provides specialist care for your muscles and joints, particularly of your spine, to keep you well. Your spine is highly integrated with your central nervous system, playing a key role in the way your brain controls your body, it's muscles, organs and everything you do.

    "The moving bones of the spine are most common causes of nervous system interference. Stress, whether physical, such as a slip or a fall, chemical, such as alcohol and drugs, or emotional, such as fear and anger, can cause spinal muscles to tighten” (William B Esteb blog article – June 20th 2016)

    When the parts of this system fail to work well you may have problems although you may not feel any symptoms yet. Symptoms are usually a later consequence such as an injury or gradual wear and tear.

  • What Mendip Chiropractic Can Offer to Help You:

    1) Look after your spine related health. You stay healthy when your body works properly in all circumstances. For example, to prevent back problems, your nerves should control the muscles that protect you as you bend. If this isn't happening correctly then you risk damage and symptoms. Get checked by a Chiropractor as Chiropractic care of a healthy spine can be easier than care of a spine that has suffered years of abuse!

    A hypothesis behind this approach is less accidents and a healthier you. Just like you might clean your teeth to avoid fillings. Bear in mind that approach "1" relies on the ability of a Chiropractor to identify faults in the absence of symptoms! At Mendip Chiropractic, we combine Chiropractic with our other passion, Afferent Input Muscle testing. This let's us demonstrate any differences in the way your muscles work. We can often then relate improvements to your spine, guiding our decision making. You get to understand our approach more and make informed choices based on your experience. 

    Some Chiropractors are more comfortable working only when there is pain as a guide.

    2) An alternative approach is to wait until your body has a problem like back pain and then visit a Chiropractor. Unfortunately this is how many people discover the profession. Chiropractors have the skills to help which is probably why people associate the profession with care of back and neck problems. Bear in mind that with this approach, how well you recover depends on the extent of any damage and your lifestyle. There is no magic spell and the process of healing takes time. At Mendip Chiropractic we are happy to see you at this stage but we'd be happier to keep you from getting there in the in the first place. Invest in yourself, you deserve it!

     We hope that gives some insight into the the work of a Chiropractor. At least how we approach it here! 

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