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  • Lower back pain? Persistent symptoms - What is holding you back?

    Do you have lower back pain or other symptoms that just don't shift? Chronic, ongoing and repeat problems are no fun for you or those around you. What is going on? Some people may have tried a Chiropractor or an Osteopath or been referred for physiotherapy. Perhaps they have been to the Mineral Hospital in Bath and still not found resolution? Often in these cases the overall situation is far more than lower back pain or leg pain. There may be a range of other symptoms dragging you down. The impact on life can be awful but remember this:

    Your body strives to be healthy –it wants to avoid damage and to recover if damage occurs. Problems usually stem when there is interference to these abilities (our reflexes and physiology). Lower back pain is really a symptom or signal of an underlying problem that needs to be fixed. Find and deal with that issue and the body may well begin to function better. This is probably why Chiropractic has been found to be useful for some types of lower back pain and is recommended in the NICE Guidelines as an option in persistent "non specific lower back pain".

    What could be causing your problem?

    Some Chiropractors and Osteopaths get results where others fail. These breakthroughs may be for several reasons. Technique, experience and knowing what to look for are all likely to be important.

    Afferent Input Muscle Testing is one of the services we offer. We find it useful for investigating underlying problems that impact on health. Although it is separate from Chiropractic, the two work well together. Afferent Input Testing can reveal muscle weakness and underlying factors such as food intolerance or deficiency, environmental factors such as chemical intolerance and hidden subluxation (dysfunction of the spine and nervous system). Ask yourself, “Why you? What holds you back?"

    Chronic or permanent conditions, arthritis/ “wear and tear”

    Being diagnosed with a "condition”e.g. Hypermobility or Osteoarthritis (“wear and tear”) can seem frustrating. You may feel little hope, and that you are stuck with a problem. Who can help a worn out hip or knee or neck! Will it just get worse? Will you need replacement? STOP!

    If your a body can react and respond well during day to day activity it is more likely stay well rather than pick up further damage. Although a "condition" may be irreversible, it may be possible to help you manage better and function well. Why not get checked to see if you can do more to protect your joints? Some countries take this approach as a matter of course – they have done the follow up studies and achieved the results!

    At Mendip Chiropractic we often help people that have history of things not being right. For example, chronic problems that have followed a long period of repeating niggles. Please call and arrange to talk with our Chiropractor if you or anyone you know is suffering in a similar way as described above. Or call to arrange a consultation and trial of care. Call 01749 938 140.