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  • OK well in 2016 we improved/ relaunched our website. But we have not had a chance to put time into this blog section yet and it appears to be an area where the "latest news" ends up. Better Blogging is on the 2018 to do list!

  • Two Disruptions for week commencing Monday 4th September 2017

    This is the start of a particularly busy time so if you are considering visiting us for the first time, please call now so that we can get you started as soon as possible and avoid delay / disappointment.

    Temporary disruption 1 - within our practice: We have limited appointments this week due to staff illness. (Unfortunately this is not something with a straightforward Chiropractic solution but those involved are on the mend). Please phone or email as normal regarding appointments though as we plan to bounce back swiftly into normal service. 

    We are truly, very sorry for any inconvenience to all our guests. We appreciate your commitment to appointment schedules and so apologise that if we cannot reciprocate this week. 

    Temporary disruption 2: A37 Road improvemntes near Oakhill / Mendip Golf Course mean that the road will be closed at first on this section and then face a period of traffic lights. Great.


  • 29th April 2017: parkrun Has Arrived in Shepton Mallet!

    A great opportunity to get moving: parkrun = free, organised, weekly, 5km, timed runs.

    Open to everyone, Shepton Mallet’s Park run is held in Collett Park at 9 AM every Saturday morning (weather and other events permitting).

    You DO NOT NEED TO BE A RUNNER to enjoy and benefit from parkrun. Walk, walk and run or run the lot if you like. Cultivate a healthy habit and reap the well-being benefits.
    For more information and to register (you need to print off a barcode and bring it to the event) visit the parkrun website

    Shepton Mallet has a parkrun so you can keep fit and mendip chiropractic can help you be run ready in somersetHealth = Eat well, EXERCISE, Cultivate a positive mind set and get adjusted by Mendip Chiropractic to help your body operate at 100%! A body that operates at 100% is less likely to let you down.