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  • January 2021 - We Are Open

    Happy New Year 2021! Lockdown #3 - we REMAIN open.

    Chiropractic care is recognised as an essential service that relieves some of the burden from our NHS -  and helps you enjoy a better quality of life. We continue to provide "neuro-musculoskeletal care" - assessment and care related to problems linked to our muscles, joints and nerves. From management of headache symptoms or sciatica, or assessment of an injured ankle, this can be far more than simple back care!

    Please call to make an appointment. We strive to continue our high standard of service but our opening hours may vary slightly from those advertised and we ask that you follow guidelines (masks, hand-sanitising on arrival etc.) Social media sites are often updated first if there are any changes to our service and of course, call us to chat / leave a message on 01749 938 140

    Thank you for your patience. 


    Thanks for the hand sanitiser Brewdog!

    Thanks for the hand sanitiser Br

    June 2020 – We are returning to action shortly : ) Thank you for your patience.

    Our usual service will be adapted to minimise risk. During the first few weeks back, please bear with us as we will prioritise people based on need and risk assessment. There will also be a decrease in appointment capacity.

    We will soon start to get in touch with people but do now ring if you want to be first on one of our lists. We are not yet in every day to answer the phone but we are starting to pick up messages and prepare. See you soon.

    Ben Sue & Jacqui