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  • Injury Avoidance Tip
    A group of footballers experienced significantly fewer hamstring strains and leg injuries over a season.
    They did one thing differently. They were checked and adjusted by a chiropractor before the season began.
    The season-long study by researchers (Macquarie University) involved 59 players from two clubs. According to the author, "The group which received the traditional management alone [stretching, massage, conditioning etc.] had a 17% chance of hamstring injury and a 28% chance of a lower limb muscle strain." In contrast, the chiropractic group "had just a 4% chance of a hamstring injury and a 4% chance of a lower limb muscle strain. "
    Prevention is better than rehab!
    Experience the unique approach to health, healing and performance that we specialise in at Mendip Chiropractic:
    With expert analysis, we can identify and demonstrate faulty muscle function that may lead to injury and be responsible for aches. We test you again after an adjustment so that you can be sure of the immediate improvements before you get back out there and reap the benefits of being better.