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  • Young Son Taken for Chiropractic Check-Up

    Nicola felt her 1-year-old son might benefit from a check-up. "I heard about Mendip Chiropractic through a friend and took my son along. Straight away Ben inspired confidence, I wasn’t nervous about him treating my son, his manner was very reassuring and he has resolved the problem with just a few short treatments. In fact, we noticed significant improvements straight away!! I hadn’t been to a chiropractor before but have since, to resolve my headaches. I would recommend this to others as a great option to resolving health issues. Thanks again Ben." Nic, Steve and James Moore. Midsomer Norton. April 2012

    Please note: Chiropractic is not a "cure" for anything as such. Rather, it is an approach to checking and optimising the interaction between nerves and body. This is often observed to coincide with the resumption of normal bodily functions! Many Chiropractors have experienced cases like this but a holistic approach is prudent - one that considers a range of factors. 

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