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  • Coronavirus Disruption

  • We hope that you are adapting well and making the most of this period of disruption. To everyone out there performing key roles: we salute you. To those at home, we hope you are finding your silver linings and that you have support where you need it.

    Whilst Mendip Chiropractic is forced to close, Sue (our lead chiropractic assistant) has increased her duties for the local authority, helping support our communities. Ben and Jacqui are isolating with their families and supporting friends/family locally where they can.

    Obviously, the support we can offer is limited but we have already helped a few people manage their recoveries from various injuries by giving advice over the telephone. Our reception phone-lines are not manned but we will try to check messages occasionally depending on the stage of the lockdown. Email and direct messaging via our Facebook page are probably the best ways to get in touch.

    • To keep well we recommend that, as a minimum, you do “straighten-up UK” every day (see the self-help section of this website or search youtube). These simple movements are like at dental equivalent of cleaning your teeth for the maintenance of your spine, muscles, joints and nerves of your body.
    • We have always encouraged optimising your vitamin D levels too. This is even more pertinent now as vitamin D is important for immune function. Vitamin D is the one you make in your skin from sunlight, (when there is some!). From mid-April, the sun in England is usually strong enough to enable vitamin d production. Get your skin in the sun while you can. Many people are in vitamin D deficit. Get in touch if you think you might be a bit low (many people are) and we can advise/help with supplements.

    Stay healthy. See you soon.