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  • Helens story - relief from .... - Not just back pain at Mendip Chiropractic

    Helen still sees us at Mendip Chiropractic for the occasional "check up" to keep her nervous system tip top. She brings her daughter too. But it was not always simply for a  check up:

    "When I first went to see Ben, I was in pain just about everywhere. My legs, arms, neck, shoulders and back all hurt so much...

    ...At first my treatments were quite intensive, three a week, but the improvements have been so great and I soon progressed to weekly visits and then once a fortnight within just a few short months of my first visit. My back no longer hurts, nor do my neck or shoulders, my migraines are massively reduced... .Ben has not only eased a lot of my pain, but alto given me great advice on everything from exercise to nutrition and what supplements I need. I cannot recommend Dr Ben Gait highly enough!" Helen Hunt. Shepton Mallet. August 2013 (... = deleted information due to ASA guidelines on testimonial posting)