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  • Sarah's back pain, neck pain, & stiffness

    Sarah had a history of aches, pains and stiffness that affected her quality of life for years. As a working Mum of young children, persistent discomfort with day to day movements could be draining. There were also episodes of more intense pain. Like most people, the cause of these symptoms had built up over many years but problems intensified with pregnancy and the birth of her children.

    "I can turn my neck without hurting. I am not stiff when waking any more. Ben Gait has changed my life in a few short weeks causing me to sit, stand, sleep, and walk better after years of problems. I’m feeling so much happier in my daily activities. Ben fully explains things in terms I understand, good humour to relax you".  Sarah Z, July 2016

    Sarah admits she was a little apprehensive about what to expect when she arrived and concerned about costs. But she had already tried NHS physiotherapy and medication with little improvement so finally took the plunge.

    Following a detailed history and examination we explained our findings to Sarah. We discussed her options, explained our approach and what she could expect. On that first visit Sarah received a gentle Chiropractic adjustment to her upper spine and some advice. She experienced immediate benefits - significantly reduced symptoms. Sarah now comes through our door with a  big smile and no trepidation while here children get to play with our toys!