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  • Managing a Case of Pain and Complications

    When Simon Hicks first attended Mendip Chiropractic, every day was affected by back pain, and sciatica (associated leg symptoms) which left him unable to consider walking holidays with his wife. We began a course of care, the leg symptoms disappeared and he was able to manage walks again but not as before. Unfortunately some low back pain persisted.

    We wrote to Simon's GP requesting imaging of his spine to guide further management. The GP refused so Simon paid for a private MRI scan. The consultant painted a bleak picture of the future although he did suggest Chiropractic care may help.

    Armed with this new information (MRI confirmation of our suspicions we were able to resume sessions at Mendip Chiropractic with confidence). In just a couple of visits, symptoms improved further and Simon is enjoying walking holidays again. 

    Here is what Simon had to say in May 2016: "I arrived in pain taking anti-inflammatories once or twice a day. I was unable to enjoy two walking holidays. Off to the Outer Hebrides in a month !!" That holiday was a great success and I (Ben) am updating this now on the 3rd of November 2016 to say that I saw Simon yesterday. He was on top form and had just spent a day dry stone walling. He currently comes to Mendip Chiropractic roughly every 6 weeks. We will review and discuss this next time. 

    Our usual approach in this case:

    1) Chiropractic adjustments to correct poorly coordinated muscle function. It is essential that muscles work together to protect the joints of the spine (+hips, pelvis etc.) from further wear and tear. We DO NOT specifically target the [condition]but instead use Afferent Input muscle testing to identify the best way to adjust muscle activity.

    2) We then tend to manage specifics of the [condition] directly, decompressing and area of the spine using a technique called Flexion Distraction.

    We are not claiming it is possible to "cure" [conditions like this] but it is possible to manage them, with the right skills and collaboration. We would like to thank Simon for allowing us to share this story.